Minimalism Movement: Jewelry (I)

Junk jewelry and statement necklaces are currently very trendy here in Bangladesh. I hardly had to invest to stay relevant because my mom had the most amazing collection of such jewelry. She had compiled it over the years-mostly gifts from either her sister-in-laws staying abroad or from me and my brother as mother's day or … Continue reading Minimalism Movement: Jewelry (I)

Satire of Attire (Part: II)

The first step to downsizing my wardrobe was to recognize my clothes for what they were: CLOTHES. Clothes aren't memories of a beautiful past, they aren't validations of love and friendship and neither are they testament to the kind of person we are. They are just clothes, plain and simple. Our memories lies within ourselves, … Continue reading Satire of Attire (Part: II)

Lesser Presence of Minimalism: The South Asian Perspective

My baby steps to minimalism made me realize one thing: each journey towards minimalism is going to be unique; not only because we are talking about different types of people living different lives, but we are also talking about people from various nations having different cultures, beliefs and upbringings. Hence, although the core essence of … Continue reading Lesser Presence of Minimalism: The South Asian Perspective