Lesser Presence of Minimalism: The South Asian Perspective

My baby steps to minimalism made me realize one thing: each journey towards minimalism is going to be unique; not only because we are talking about different types of people living different lives, but we are also talking about people from various nations having different cultures, beliefs and upbringings. Hence, although the core essence of … More Lesser Presence of Minimalism: The South Asian Perspective

Minimalism: My Way

If you are one of those, who have come across a video about minimalism that has been circulating in the social media and decided that minimalism is not your cup of tea, well, join the bandwagon! Not too long ago, I felt exactly the same way. How could you live with so less, especially after … More Minimalism: My Way

My Big Bang Theory

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by ❤ My name is Farhin and as of today, I am beginning my journey to become a minimalist. This blog and its readers, will serve as a witness of my struggles, incertitudes, epiphanies and achievements of this adventure I am about to embark on. All I have in my … More My Big Bang Theory