How It All Began

Hey there! Thank you so much for dropping by ❤

My name is Farhin and this is my Making of a Minimalist. This blog is dedicated to document my journey to declutter my life of all the excess and live a simple, mindful and meaningful life.

I started this blog after a severe case of existential crisis, elaborated in my first blog post My Big Bang Theory. It was then that I discovered minimalism and found value in practices that eventually helped me, not only to stay afloat, but also to thrive. Upon browsing the internet, I realized there was a serious scarcity of minimalism literature from the South Asian perspective. So, I created this space to share my experience as I walk down this path. Writing has always been a medium through which I best express myself and this blog gave me a chance to do just that. It helped me start a discussion on minimalism, on mindful living in a community (Dhaka, Bangladesh) which was oblivious of its value.

 With the underlying essence of minimalism, I am here to promote a simple, mindful and meaningful life. The beauty of minimalism is that it looks different on everyone and you can find mine in the blog post, Minimalism, My Way. My blog will bear witness to my journey to mindful living- the lessons I learn in the process, inspirations, tools and guidelines to live mindfully and meaningfully and all that sparks joy in me. In the process, I hope to inspire others to take this road with me.

A year into my adventure, I have moved to a new city, a different country, well continent actually, altogether. While this is an opportunity to explore minimalism and mindful living in a whole different dimension, from time to time, you might find me sharing my experience of moving into a new life as well; missing all that’s familiar, find bearings in the new surroundings and rediscovering myself in the process.

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and while I have traveled quite a bit, I haven’t lived anywhere else. Until now. I have recently moved to Toronto with my high school crush and hubster and is now slowly getting the hang of this new life.

I am passionate about cooking and healthy eating. I love all things books and stationary and can spend hours in a library.  I believe what we learn is what we earn and that’s why I am a fierce advocate of knowledge, growth and personal development . 

Now that we are somewhat acquainted, let’s move towards a simple, mindful and meaningful life together. I hope you are here to stay ❤.

 With Love, Farhin*