Monthly Update: 2nd Month of Being a Minimalist


October seemed to have gone faster than other months and I suspect it probably has something to do with the fact that I have been traveling for 1/3 rd of it ! 😀

It’s being a little difficult to adjust back to reality, back to piles of work after such a dreamy trip with mum (yet another bucket list wish checked) in Kashmir ❤ which is why I haven’t been able to finish any blog posts as yet. There are plenty in the pipeline, I assure you, but at this point, none of them are complete 😦

However, a monthly update of my minimalism journey should not be made to wait. The end of October marks my minimalism journey as two months old.  Let’s look at the progress and regress, shall we?!

The Positives :

1. I moved the TV out of my bedroom – Although this was a huge step for me, I surprised, even myself, to be able to take it so simply. Here’s how it went. I basically don’t have time to watch TV, lets face it, who does these days?! Whatever I watch is either downloaded or streamed. Yes, when Masterchef Australia is on, I become a regular for an hour every weekday; but other than that, I only turn it on when I am bored and distracted (the irony!). So when my father-in-law wanted to get a new TV to connect with his PC, I simply offered mine. Why buy another when we have one at home almost unused, right?

My husband made me sleep over my decision but I woke up, even more determined about letting the TV go. This was done earlier last month and I can say with all honesty, I don’t have a bit of regret. I am charmed by the positives letting go of the TV has brought about!Here’s a couple:

– I do not watch TV while I am eating any of my meals. This makes me more mindful about what I eat and how much I eat.

– I have lots of space in my bedroom for my yoga sessions with Adriene (If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that I am currently doing the Yoga Revolution series-just finished my 3rd day today!)

-Gone are the times when I turned on my TV mindlessly when I didn’t have anything better to do. Now, when I am bored, I turn to reading, writing or spending quality time with family or friend.

Please note that there are other TVs around the house that I can watch if I want to. The idea was to make my bedroom a little clutter-free so that I can spend time in it mindfully.

2. I have traveled as a Minimalist for the very first time- This one is definitely a milestone for me. Although I am not a back-pack traveler, I did make considerable changes about the way I travel this time around. I am writing a blog post specifically on it, so if you are interested, do keep an eye out.

3I behaved like a Minimalist during my travel- I did not go on a crazy shopping spree in India. Yes, I brought gifts for my loved ones, but as far as I am concerned, I have kept it very simple. I will elaborate on it in my blogpost, Traveling as a Minimalist. Stay tuned!

The Not-So Positives :

1. I brought yet another notebook. I am telling you my love for stationary will be the end of me!

2. Being away 1/3 rd of this month has distracted me from my minimalism journey. It’s just that there was so much to catch up on when I came back from my trip- work, family events etc that this journey has become a little passive. I hope to give it the front row seat it deserves from this month on wards.

And that’s a wrap for this month! Thank you for reading ❤

With Love,

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